Are You Treating Your Employees Like Children? Should You?

Child employee

I like to treat employees like children!

Before you start calling me names, let me explain.

When we teach children a new skill, we don’t wait until they perfect it before we acknowledge their success. We praise them for each step they take as they progress towards their final goal.

For example, when a baby starts to walk, we are thrilled when they stand, then again when they take their first halting steps and so on, until they are finally able to walk across a room. Each and every time they show improvement towards their final goal of walking we provide positive encouragement and praise.

My Perspective: We need to take the same approach with our team.

When we see them doing something right, we need to recognize this behaviour immediately. Successful performance feedback must be immediate, specific and linked to desired behaviours that you want to see repeated.

Don’t wait to acknowledge effort until it is done exactly right. You may be waiting a long time.

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