Leadership That Stimulates Change

LEADERSHIP THAT STIMULATES CHANGE focuses on the critical relationship between leadership, employee engagement and delivering an exceptional customer experience as a competitive advantage.

Bill is recognized as the Performance Excelerator because of his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations.

As a senior executive with over 30 years experience, he works with senior leaders to navigate change and influence and inspire higher performing, customer-focused cultures that create long-term, profitable relationships with your customers and excelerate performance and productivity with leaders and employees.

VIDEO: Bill Talks About Character Vs. Competence

Leadership Speaker

This video is a segment from a longer video created for a client who wanted to on-board their new employees with a consistent message about the culture and expectation of the organization. Bill talks about the importance of hiring for character/attitude first — then training to achieve the necessary skills or competence. Click here to find out how Bill can get your team Fired Up & Focused and help you push beyond the norm and achieve desired outcomes. For more information about having Bill speak about this topic at your next event, visit Kickass Keynotes

3 Simple Steps To Help You Win The Customer Service Race

Customer Loyalty

Excellent customer service is a hot commodity in today’s challenging economic environment. Your customer relations are truly your only sustainable competitive advantage for growth and profitability. The brutal fact, however, is that 75 percent of your customers would gladly do business with your competition! Regardless of how low your prices are or how much your service is needed, customers will shop elsewhere — even pay more money — to be treated well.

Leadership Skills: 5 Ways To Create A Powerful Cohesive Team

Leadership Skills

Leaders are the people who guide companies into the future and inspire people to follow them along the way. In this article we will discuss the specific thought processes that a leader uses to transform a team from average to awesome — into one cohesive, highly motivated team who are willing to go the extra mile to meet objectives.

Leadership Toolbox: The Power of Parables as a Leadership Tool

Leadership Tools - Stories

These stories have been passed down from generation to generation through story-telling — each story with its own significance and message. What makes these messages so important is that a key message is embedded into the story, which illustrates or demonstrates the message. Modern fairy tales and fables often contain similar messages that help children learn accepted and wise behaviours.

15 Tips that Excelerate Performance

Developing loyal customers begins with developing a team who understand the importance of customer-focused service and care about the total customer experience. A key building block of developing high performance employees is recognizing the behaviours that you want repeated — those that ultimately create loyalty with your customer. Employees who receive regular recognition are happier in their jobs, they stay with the company longer, and they are more productive. Ultimately, recognizing employees encourages them to provide superior service because their attitudes about their workplace are improved. Recognition is the ultimate performance excelerator. Identify the appropriate level and type of recognition that individual employee’s value. Before you decide on how to recognize desired behaviours, you first need to realize that not all employees are motivated by the same things. Importantly, employee recognition need not be extravagant or expensive — recognition is a much broader activity than reward, which is simply one… Read more »