Leadership That Stimulates Change

LEADERSHIP THAT STIMULATES CHANGE focuses on the critical relationship between leadership, employee engagement and delivering an exceptional customer experience as a competitive advantage.

Bill is recognized as the Performance Excelerator because of his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations.

As a senior executive with over 30 years experience, he works with senior leaders to navigate change and influence and inspire higher performing, customer-focused cultures that create long-term, profitable relationships with your customers and excelerate performance and productivity with leaders and employees.

7 Must Have Transformational Leadership Qualities


Today, more than ever, we need courageous leaders who empower others to reach heights they never thought possible. We need our leaders to expand their capabilities and move outside of the transactional space and into a transformational space that focuses on long term solutions rather than short term gains. Transformational leadership – growing beyond transactional leadership Developing your leadership capacity is moving beyond focusing on the day to day operations and expanding your decision making process to focus on long term strategies that are able to sustain business over time. Leaders need to focus on developing a transformational leadership style that creates positive change and growth. This begins with the goals and vision that are set by leaders and their ability to clearly communicate them to their team in a way that inspires them to buy in. 7 must have transformational leadership qualities In order to get your team to… Read more »

I Never Make a Mistake


Sometimes, to make a point, I like to make a bold statement that on its surface seems controversial, foolish or nonsensical. The intent is to cause people to pause and think. I often say “I never make a mistake” — then I follow up with the qualification, “but given additional information, I will often make a new decision”. The point is that when new relevant information is brought forward, we shouldn’t feel we are changing our mind, flip-flopping or being inconsistent. Rather, that we are open to new insight that will allow us to make better, more informed decisions. One of the greatest failures of a leader is to stay a course, when in the face of new information it is clear that the original decision is no longer sound. Or not consider new information, because a decision is already made. Change doesn’t mean that the original decision was poorly… Read more »

5 Ways to Turn Indifferent Customers into Raving Fans

Customer Service

Providing good customer service just isn’t enough anymore, not with companies the world over clamouring for the dwindling dollars consumers spend. And heaven forbid your customer service should be classified average! That could, literally, be the death of a company if it’s not turned around quickly.

Are You Treating Your Employees Like Children? Should You?

Child employee

I like to treat employees like children! Before you start calling me names, let me explain. When we teach children a new skill, we don’t wait until they perfect it before we acknowledge their success. We praise them for each step they take as they progress towards their final goal. For example, when a baby starts to walk, we are thrilled when they stand, then again when they take their first halting steps and so on, until they are finally able to walk across a room. Each and every time they show improvement towards their final goal of walking we provide positive encouragement and praise. My Perspective: We need to take the same approach with our team. When we see them doing something right, we need to recognize this behaviour immediately. Successful performance feedback must be immediate, specific and linked to desired behaviours that you want to see repeated. Don’t… Read more »

Let’s Talk Leadership: Bill Hogg Interviews Don Walker-CEO Magna International PART 2

A businessman Pointing to a leadership button on a clear screen.

Ensuring that your team is aligned with your organization’s objectives plays an important role in improving employee engagement, building strong relationships with your team and achieving organizational objectives. In this interview, Don Walker, CEO of Magna International, shares with Bill how they generate feedback and share information with their employees, the importance of transparency, and how they deal with people who are not aligned with Magna values. A team that is aligned with organizational culture will deliver better results than a collection of individuals who are working in their own directions. One of the keys to achieving buy in from employees is to be transparent and share information with your team. Don agrees: “Probably the most important thing is explaining to people how the business runs and what’s going on in their operating division.  Are they winning new contracts?  If they don’t win them, why not?  What’s coming up; launches. … Read more »