Leadership That Stimulates Change

LEADERSHIP THAT STIMULATES CHANGE focuses on the critical relationship between leadership, employee engagement and delivering an exceptional customer experience as a competitive advantage.

Bill is recognized as the Performance Excelerator because of his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations.

As a senior executive with over 30 years experience, he works with senior leaders to navigate change and influence and inspire higher performing, customer-focused cultures that create long-term, profitable relationships with your customers and excelerate performance and productivity with leaders and employees.

Leadership Skills: 5 Ways To Ignite Passion In Your Team

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True leaders have the innate ability to motivate staff to achieve better results. Leading with a passion is what separates great leaders from the “wannabees.” Some people come to work every day, do their job and then go home. Their heart isn’t really in it, but they need the money, so they see their job simply as a means to an end — money. So how do you inspire your team to deliver superior results? Here are five ways to ignite the passion in your team.

VIDEO: Leadership Speaker Preview

Bill Hogg

Check out this video that provides a glimpse of how Bill can help your organization. Senior leaders hire Bill to stimulate change – to create passion and productivity with people and measurably improve bottom line results. Click to watch video on YouTube. Bill provides world class executive consulting, dynamic keynote presentations, transformative workshops and high stakes facilitation. Bill is a Professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). Click here to find out how Bill can get your team Fired Up & Focused and help you push beyond the norm and achieve desired outcomes. For more information about having Bill speak about this topic at your next event, visit Kickass Keynotes

Designing a Customer Experience that Drives Results

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Good customer service is not good enough. Everyone boasts good customer service, but everyone doesn’t deliver memorable and targeted customer experiences. In my experience as a leadership change consultant, companies are able to differentiate from competitors when they shift their focus from customer service to providing memorable customer experiences. Everyone remembers when they receive great service that goes above and beyond; and it’s this experience that is often the deciding factor on coming back to do business with your company. As I have previously discussed in Creating a Customer Experience that Drives Results, “Successful companies create desirable customer experiences by focusing on emotional connectors. They put themselves in their customers’ shoes, understand their needs, anticipate future needs and understand the emotional need and the problems or issues customers are trying to solve.” You can deliver change within your approach and create a new level of service by defining, designing and… Read more »

The Numbers Don’t Lie – You Should Invest in Customer Experience

According to recent data shared by Zendesk Good Experiences Turn Customers into Fans 40% of customers changed to a competitive brand due to its reputation for great customer experience 85% would pay up to 25% more to ensure a superior customer service experience Bad Experiences Turn Customers into Critics 82% of customers have stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service 95% of customers have taken action due to a bad customer experience. Of those; 79% told others 66% wanted to discourage others from doing business with the company 85% wanted to warn others about their experience

4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Inspiring leaders recognize that money is not the main reason people come to work. Sure, it’s the primary motivator for why we work — but once the concept of comparable pay for comparable work has been addressed, it fails to inspire passion in the work place. Truly understanding the real reasons why most people turn up for work day after day, year after year, is the top priority for leaders wanting to get the most out of their team. Great leaders learn how to motivate their people on an individual basis instead of falsely assuming they’ll all work harder for an extra financial incentive. Here are 4 powerful ways to motivate your team: 1. Recognize Outstanding Performance Everyone should understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that measure individual and team success. It’s vital that great performance is properly measured and openly recognized because that’s the number one motivator inspiring people… Read more »