Kickass Keynotes

If you are ready to create an attitude shift that leads to action and creates real, sustainable change in your organization, you are ready for Bill Hogg -- the “no excuses” guy who has walked in your shoes.

Bill works with senior leaders to stimulate change -- that excelerates passion, productivity and profits! For over 30 years, Bill has been the go to guy when the world’s most recognized brands are faced with challenges that require change -- to improve bottom line results. Often provocative, always stimulating, Bill’s keynotes use humour and real life experiences to change people’s mindsets, ignite their passions and ultimately drive performance improvement.

He Won’t Speak for Every Organization

Bill works only with organizations he believes share his values, because without shared values it is impossible to create trust, and without trust it is impossible to be authentic. Bill helps people by being his authentic self, and if he cannot do that with an organization, he will not take it on.

No Canned Keynotes

Each live event blends stories and examples from his own extensive leadership background, customized with in-depth preparation about the organization and competitive environment. Resultant, each audience can count on a stimulating experience with relevant, thought-provoking questions that forces them to challenge their thinking -- and specific actionable ideas that motivates them to take action.

Are you ready for Bill Hogg?

Then follow the links for details about Bill’s Kickass Keynotes.

Fired Up and Focused

People resist change — even positive change. In this keynote, Bill covers proven leadership principles, real life tactics and bullet-proof systems that will start moving your organization towards a high performance culture… Read more about this topic  

Satisfied Customers Are Killing Your Business

Everyone talks about the importance of being customer-centric, yet few companies do it well. In this keynote, Bill shares proven customer service principles and tools that create and nurture… Read more about this topic  
Beyond the Keynote

Beyond the Keynote

A major strength that sets Bill apart is his ability to think on his feet and interact with audiences with humour and wit in an impromptu environment. This rare skill can help energize and enhance your conference through several formats beyond keynotes… Read more about this topic  
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