Set the Stage for Next Level Performance

Each live event blends stories and examples from his own extensive leadership background, customized with in-depth preparation about the organization and competitive environment. Resultant, each audience can count on a stimulating experience with relevant, thought-provoking questions that forces them to challenge their thinking — and specific actionable ideas that motivates them to take action.

Often provocative, always stimulating, Bill’s keynotes use humour and real life experiences to change people’s mindsets, ignite their passions and ultimately drive performance improvement.

Customized for: Associations | Franchisees | Private Sector | Public Sector

Fired Up and Focused

Navigating Change and Creating a Culture that is Fired Up and Focused on Delivering Exceptional Results


  • Understand the impact of connecting people with a shared vision
  • Discover how clarity and transparency are used to create emotional buy-in and engagement
  • Learn how to build trust and co-operation into your culture
  • Understand how leaders embrace and lead change
  • Harness leadership behaviours that create buy-in and build a high performing work environment
  • Using the No Excuse mindset to make change stick, build accountability and drive organizational objectives

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Satisfied Customers Are Killing Your Business

Unlocking the Secrets of Customer Loyalty and Profitability


  • Discover why exceptional service is not your goal
  • Move from customer service to customer engagement that drives profitable results
  • Understand how to create memorable moments of truth with the 7 emotional drivers of satisfaction and loyalty
  • Understand why companies don’t own the customer experience
  • Establish 4 steps to GIVE exceptional service
  • Exchange policies for guidelines

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Leader of the Pack:
5 Essential Elements of a High Performing Organization

How to create a high-performing culture that delivers exceptional results


  • Discover the principles that drive customer-focus throughout the organization and deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations
  • Importance of clarity to ensure alignment
  • Building a community based on character versus competence
  • Discover the ultimate Performance Excelerator
  • Building accountability into your organizational DNA

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Beyond the Keynote

Looking for something different to energize and enhance your conference? A major strength that sets Bill apart is his ability to think on his feet and interact with audiences with humour and wit in an impromptu environment. This rare skill can help energize and enhance your conference through several formats beyond keynotes.

Whether in addition to his keynote or as standalone engagements, these unique offerings can turn even challenging subject matter into audience engagement, energy and enthusiasm.

Bill has experience working with audiences of all sizes to create unique interactive environments that include; Emcee Duties, High Stakes Facilitation, Platform Interviews, Passionate Panels, Customer Conversations and Fireside Wrap-ups.

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