The Essential Qualities of Courageous Leaders

Today, more than ever, we need courageous leaders – in business, schools, and communities. We need leaders that inspire and empower others to reach new heights they never thought possible.

The ability to lead is a critical characteristic that defines success or failure in any organization or leader – regardless of the role an individual has in the organization. Many of the same skills are consistently evident in successful leaders. While few leaders are born, most need to develop these critical skills as part of their leadership toolbox to achieve their highest potential.

The essential leadership qualities are the same – and more relevant today than ever.

In this presentation, Bill shares the characteristics that he has observed working with leaders in Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial organizations, public sector and politics, as well as insights from interviews on his Rogers TV show “Let’s Talk Leadership”.

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  • Satisfied Customers Are Killing Your Business
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We were delighted by the positive impact Bill had on both our event and our delegates. Feedback included comments such as ‘what a keynote!’, ‘Amazing presentation, more of the same next year please’ and many many more. I was thrilled we managed to secure a speaker of Bill’s calibre, knowledge and warmth to bring to our event in the UK. His no-nonsense approach set the scene for our two-day event and I have no doubt we will be looking to bring him back in future years. I would recommend him to any International business or event looking for our ask; “A Killer keynote to shake up the audience”. His message and material travel well.
Andrew Thomas

Conference Director, Ticket Professionals Conference, Birmingham UK


  • Learn what critical characteristics separate good leaders from bad
  • Discover why great leaders are never the smartest person in the room
  • Understand how to avoid critical mistakes that contribute to failures that leave the organization in worse shape than when they started
  • Discover the ultimate Performance Excelerator
Bill is an exceptional speaker and knows how to get people excited about customer service. Our company first hired Bill 2 years ago. After his presentation, he received a standing ovation, and we received numerous requests to bring him back. Of course, we hired Bill again this year and dedicated a full-day. Again, he was fantastic!
John Going

Vice President of Operations, PRO-TAX, USA