Beyond the Keynote


Looking for something different to energize and enhance your conference?

A major strength that sets Bill apart is his ability to think on his feet and interact with audiences with humour and wit in an impromptu environment. This rare skill can help energize and enhance your conference through several formats beyond keynotes.

Workshops and Breakouts

Engaging Bill to do a second program at the same conference will multiply the impact of his powerful keynote message, as well as saving on his fees and travel expenses.


As emcee of your event, Bill will keep the program rolling along and the energy high. He will weave your theme throughout the event, and his engaging session wrap-up will ensure your key messages are communicated clearly and consistently.

High Stakes Facilitation

When your team must have a hard conversation, Bill will facilitate the discussion through probing questions that get to the heart of the issue — while creating an environment in which all participants feel safe in communicating their views.

Platform Interviews

Some experts have valuable information and enticing stage presence but are not comfortable in the role of speaker. Bill will bring a refreshing new energy to your conference by interviewing such a guest expert on the platform. You can see examples of Bill’s interviews on his Let’s Talk Leadership show on Rogers TV.

Passionate Panels

Tired of boring panel presentations? Instead, would you like to eavesdrop on a conversation with senior leaders discussing the issues you face?

Rather than a typical question and answer panel format, Bill takes the panel discussion and turns it into a vigorous discussion. Guiding the conversation through key topic areas, Bill engages the panel participants to interact directly with each other to discuss their experiences — resulting in a unique perspective on the issues that are important to your audience members.

Bill keeps the energy high and the conversation on track. Resultant, the interaction is spontaneous, spirited and facilitates a much deeper dive into areas not traditionally captured in the conventionally structured panel discussion.

Candid Conversations (Customers, Teams, Leaders)

Have you ever sat behind the mirror at a focus group and wished you could ask a question directly and immediately? Have you ever wished your leadership, sales or customer experience team could hear directly what customers were saying – and ask for more clarification?

In this interactive format, Bill takes the traditional focus group and turns it into a vigorous discussion where the client is a participant. Rather than a formally structured discussion guideline, we use a short list of agreed objectives to guide an un-structured discussion — resulting in better questions/discussion because of client knowledge.

As an experienced facilitator, Bill uses probing questions, keeps the energy high and the conversation on track. Resultant, the interaction is spontaneous, spirited and facilitates a much deeper dive into areas not traditionally captured in the conventionally structured environment.

Fireside Wrap-up

Instead of a traditional closing keynote, in this unique wrap-session Bill takes off his jacket, grabs a bar stool and engages in an interactive conversation that pulls the key messages from the audience. Best done when he has delivered the opening keynote, this unusual and engaging session highlights and wraps up the key messaging as a summary for all attendees. Clients who have had Bill at past events often bring him back specifically for this powerful conference close.

Whether in addition to his keynote or as standalone engagements, these unique offerings can turn even challenging subject matter into audience engagement, energy and enthusiasm.

Kickass Keynotes

  • Fired Up and Focused
  • Satisfied Customers Are Killing Your Business
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Heart of a Lion
Bill, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! We got our GPTW results for this year and we realized a significant improvement! Many people referenced the Candid Conversations as a very positive initiative by the company. Couldn’t have done it without you and your forthright, thoughtful contributions.
Shari Angle

Vice President, Talent and Communications, Adecco Canada

We found Bill’s presentation enlightening, powerful and entertaining. It has broadened our understanding of the culture that we are trying to develop within our business and also the functional means of enhancing our Pit Crew and customer experience. Bill’s ability to entertain a group and harness their energy is first rate and an experience not to be missed.
Denise Andrews

2011 Franchise of the Year, Pita Pit New Zealand

Bill, I’ve never seen this group so completely energized – and they were still energized when I spoke with them the following week!

I was most impressed that MANY managers wanted you to do a “regional” training for our CSRs! That request has never been made of any of our guest speakers! Thank you sooooooooooooo much!

Gina Edwards

Director of Support and Facilities, PRO-TAX

I had the pleasure of listening to Bill’s presentation at our annual CAFE Convention. It was humorous but yet very informative and enlightening. The information was diversified and will suit all demographics of the workplace. I would strongly recommend Bill as a Speaker at any function.
Penny Sandercock

President, Yorkton Exhibition

Bill delivered an engaging and down to earth presentation that was completely relevant to the current workplace dynamics.
Carol Ann Loree

General Motors Centre

A very inspiring seminar with lots of great & real tips that you can start using immediately.
Scott Gainsburg

VP Visitor Service & Volunteers, Luminato