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Bill knows how to get things done, on time, to the highest standards of excellence, with professionalism, creativity, attention to required outcomes and with flair! His energy, expertise, ability to respond to complex situations and his superior relationship skills make him an asset to any team and organization.

Frank D'Onofrio, CEO/Deputy Minister, ServiceOntario, Government of Ontario

At Bill Hogg & Associates, we work with senior leaders to stimulate change -- to increase passion & productivity with their people and measurably improve bottom line results!

Every company, no matter how large or small, is composed of the same common element -- people. It is the individuals that make the organization world class -- not the ideas, products, or service.

Ultimately the only way to generate outstanding results is to get the people in the company to perform at peak levels in alignment with the company’s core vision. Now more than ever companies need to focus their energies and resources on nurturing and developing their leadership culture and employees.

Companies that make leadership development a strategic priority have the ability to move to the head of the pack and attract and retain the best leadership talent.

Leadership = Engaged Employees = Loyal Customers

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When a company is ready to leap tall buildings with a single bound, Bill supplies the springboard, such as:

  • launching a new luxury automotive category
  • re-positioning Canada’s largest retailer
  • inventing a new communication channel in a government regulated product category
  • defending market leaders from upstarts
  • re-vitalizing global beer brands
  • re-defining government service delivery models

Bill is passionate about results and works only with clients who share that passion — ready to take steps to achieve immediate, significant and continuous improvement. Sought after internationally, he is recognized for his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations.

Whether working with boards or operations teams and employees, his no-excuse approach breaks down the silos and gains consensus and clarity throughout the organization.

Bill is comfortable working with all levels of organizations, from boards and executives to operations teams and employees. His sessions are thought provoking and full of practical ideas. This creates an atmosphere that results in the generation of new ideas, the questioning of long held assumptions -- and ultimately drives behaviour change.

We are never satisfied until you are delighted. Download Bill’s backgrounder.

Leaders can’t change people.

Only people can decide to change for themselves. Transformational leaders understand that leadership is the ability to influence others towards a common goal or objective.

These leaders understand that leadership starts first through the behaviours they model -- but leading by example is not enough. Leaders must communicate a vision and create an environment that attracts people who share the same values and put structures and processes in place that foster and reinforce desired behaviours and outcomes.

Our goal is to build more effective people, teams, and organizations to drive accelerated business results, and achieve sustainable change.

We work with senior leaders to;

  • create an effective unified vision at the leadership level
  • achieve alignment on strategic direction, identify the right structure, identify and position the right people in the right roles
  • build the leadership capabilities necessary to deliver superior performance
  • embed a “no excuse” attitude towards achieving agreed outcomes
  • build an organizational culture based on trust and collaboration
  • transform their culture, people, teams, and organizations for sustained high performance, by digging into their organizational DNA, and embedding change with world class methodologies and processes

Employee Satisfaction is not enough.

That only provides the basics for why people must work; hours of work, financial security, proximity to home, work/life balance, medical benefits, etc. In order to achieve a high-performing work environment, leaders need to tap into the fundamental factors that motivate people to give beyond the basics; to fully utilize their capacity.

Engagement comes to life when an employee’s personal values, goals and drivers are aligned with the organization’s vision, strategy and expectations.

Organizations need to provide a clear vision and a work environment that recognizes the value of their employees. If employees aren’t clear on expectations, aligned with what they do well and what matters most to them, it’s unlikely that any work situation will engage them.

We work with senior leaders to;

  • ensure new hires are based on fit within the organization and learning capability ahead of job experience
  • measure and evaluate employee engagement
  • equip leaders at all levels to inspire employee commitment to the organization’s goals
  • driving organizational alignment
  • facilitate transition pre/post integration
  • ensure the alignment, productivity, engagement and retention of your workforce after a major change
  • design and implement leading edge recognition and performance management strategies to recognize and reinforce desired behaviours

Customer Service is not your goal; it’s an outcome. 

If you have the leadership in place and have developed a high performing work environment, then exceptional customer service will be your outcome.

Your people already know what good customer service feels like -- they experience good and bad service daily. Once they have the proper attitude then they will naturally start to provide a more customer-focused experience.

You simply need to offer them the tools and techniques that will align their own understanding of exceptional customer service together with a clear picture of your expectations into a service experience that differentiates you from your competition.

We work with senior leaders to;

  • measure and evaluate customer satisfaction
  • define processes that actively solicits internal and external input on improving performance
  • create an intentional branded experience that differentiate your organization from the competition
  • develop clear expectations of what exceptional customer service looks and feels like in every role in the organization
  • implement tools and processes that support continuous improvement

If you aren’t taking care of your customers, someone else will.

It is not enough to simply say that focusing on your customers is important to your organization. Here are 7 questions for consideration to determine whether your business is truly customer-focused.

  1. Is Customer-Focus clearly enshrined in your organization’s vision, mission, structure and culture?
  2. Does your leadership visibly and consistently demonstrate their commitment to your organizational vision and values?
  3. Are people hired for their cultural fit and their capacity to grow -- ahead of their past experience necessary to do their job?
  4. Do you have an intentionally defined process that is focused on delivering a differentiated service experience
  5. Are your people clear on what exceptional behaviours and extraordinary results look like in your organization?
  6. Are your people knowledgeable about your brand promise and empowered to use their judgment to take quick action to make things right for the customer?
  7. Do your people own their own results -- as well as those of the organization?

How many are you doing well? Making customer service central to your brand identity is not a one-time or simple task but a strategic decision. Ensuring your company is truly customer-focused is not easy – but one that reaps bountiful rewards.

For a more comprehensive evaluation that will help you understand where your company needs to work and where your strengths lie, take our High Performance Assessment.

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