Are You Ready To Take Bill’s Message To The Next Level?

Every company, no matter how large or small, is composed of the same common element — people. It is the individuals that make the organization world class — not the ideas, products, or service.

Bill can work directly with you and your key people to;

  • create an effective unified vision at the leadership level
  • achieve alignment on strategic direction, identify the right structure, identify and position the right people in the right roles
  • build the leadership capabilities necessary to deliver superior performance
  • embed a “no excuse” attitude towards achieving agreed outcomes
  • build an organizational culture based on trust and collaboration
  • transform their culture, people, teams, and organizations for sustained high performance, by digging into their organizational DNA, and embedding change with world class methodologies and processes

Ultimately the only way to generate outstanding results is to get the people in the company to perform at peak levels in alignment with the company’s core vision. Now more than ever companies need to focus their energies and resources on nurturing and developing their leadership culture and employees.

Companies that make leadership development a strategic priority have the ability to move to the head of the pack and attract and retain the best leadership talent.

Bill knows how to get things done, on time, to the highest standards of excellence, with professionalism, creativity, attention to required outcomes and with flair! His energy, expertise, ability to respond to complex situations and his superior relationship skills make him an asset to any team and organization.

Frank D'Onofrio

CEO/Deputy Minister, ServiceOntario, Government of Ontario

We would unreservedly recommend Bill Hogg. Much of Bill’s work is being implemented at the “coal face” of our organisation. He takes the time to listen and genuinely wants to understand the inner workings of a business to help extract the pearls that need to be shared. Both strategic and motivating, he inspires our people to dig deeper, seek answers and ultimately understand the long term benefits of getting it right — he cares!

Duane Dalton

Master Franchisor, Pita Pit, New Zealand