Leadership That Stimulates Change

LEADERSHIP THAT STIMULATES CHANGE focuses on the critical relationship between leadership, employee engagement and delivering an exceptional customer experience as a competitive advantage.

Bill is recognized as the Performance Excelerator because of his uncanny ability to create profound change and deliver extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations.

As a senior executive with over 30 years experience, he works with senior leaders to navigate change and influence and inspire higher performing, customer-focused cultures that create long-term, profitable relationships with your customers and excelerate performance and productivity with leaders and employees.

5 Ways to Turn Indifferent Customers into Raving Fans

Customer Service

Providing good customer service just isn’t enough anymore, not with companies the world over clamouring for the dwindling dollars consumers spend. And heaven forbid your customer service should be classified average! That could, literally, be the death of a company if it’s not turned around quickly.

8 Emotional Drivers of Employee Engagement


We’ve all seen the lists — the definitive list of drivers for employee engagement. Unfortunately, every research company and consultancy has a slightly different list. If it’s not on the list, is it not important? Who’s right? Well, to a certain degree they all are — the problem is trying to create the definitive list. Lists aren’t bad, but too often they are linked to tick boxes which suggest people can tick them off as complete. And employee engagement is never complete. Employee Engagement Is An Ongoing Challenge For Organizational Leaders Consider this scenario: 3 of 4 employees are not engaged and 1 is actively disengaged. Too many employees are just there for the paycheck and perform at a level that allows them to get by while doing less than their best. Many employees also underperform because they are disinterested or not challenged in their current role. To change this… Read more »

5 Ways Courageous Leadership Evokes Action and Engagement

Courageous leaders set the tone for organizational performance. When leaders establish themselves as a strong and courageous personality they set the tone for the rest of the company and shape the overall culture. Dithering about decisions or not being willing to make the difficult decisions causes employees to question your leadership skills and impacts your ability to execute your vision. Therefore, leaders need to develop leadership traits and take actions that will evoke action and engage employees. Courageous leadership traits There are a number of common traits that courageous leader possess. It is these traits that make them transformational leaders and put them in a position to inspire their employees to engage in the vision and culture they have created for the company. To be a courageous leader you need to: Make tough decisions. Are you a little gun shy when the going gets tough? Anticipate potential issues and deal… Read more »

How Weak Leadership Impacts Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is foundational to the success of your organization. As a customer experience expert, and as a customer myself, I have seen my fair share of customer experiences ranging from exceptional to downright disturbing. Check out Sometimes Truth is Stranger than Fiction and Is Your Customer Focused Language Important? for more about interesting customer service experiences. One thing that is no surprise is that industry-leading organizations are often recognized for providing great service and creating memorable customer experiences. They put the time and resources into ensuring they have knowledgeable team members who are friendly and ready to help. Plus, they are skilled at providing great after-sale service to further the relationship customers have with their organization/brand. What is the key to their success in providing a great customer experience? Great leadership. Great leadership helps establish great customer service. Effective leadership inspires engaged teams, and engaged teams create memorable customer… Read more »

Leadership Skills: 5 Ways To Ignite Passion In Your Team

True leaders have the innate ability to motivate staff to achieve better results. Leading with a passion is what separates great leaders from the “wannabees.” Some people come to work every day, do their job and then go home. Their heart isn’t really in it, but they need the money, so they see their job simply as a means to an end — money. So how do you inspire your team to deliver superior results? Here are five ways to ignite the passion in your team.