Workshops & Facilitation

Bill works with you to customize his message to reflect your needs. His programs focus on your desired outcomes based on your real-life issues.

All programs focus on improving business performance by changing attitudes and behaviours — by engaging employees in a customer-focused culture and delivering a Branded Customer Experience that exceeds expectations. Bill shares simple ways to build the leadership culture necessary to create an extraordinary customer experience that inspires loyalty — and ultimately increases sales and profits — every time.

Sometimes provocative, but always stimulating, Bill creates an interactive, fun environment using humour and real life experiences to demonstrate the strategies and tactics that values the employee and customer equally and links employee engagement to customer experience and the resulting improvement in business performance and ultimately results.

When you need more than a keynote… let Bill give you a complete program!

Bill is often asked to augment his keynotes with a break-out, or deliver a second program/workshop at the same Conference to increase the impact of his powerful message. There is a savings on fees and travel expenses, which are always a welcome benefit.

Bill has the answers, don’t be afraid to ask him the questions.

Reynaldo deGuzman, President, Ontario Professional Ticketing Association

A few sample topics are outlined below.

PASSION & PROFITS: Creating the ultimate high performing organization

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Senior Management, Full Organizations, Professional Services, Sales


Your only sustainable competitive advantage for growth and profitability is your people – but less than 30% of your employees are engaged. People quit, but don’t leave – creating declining performance and productivity.

The good news is that they aren’t any happier with the situation than you are.

In this workshop, Bill covers proven principles, real life tactics and bullet-proof systems that empower teams and ignite a passionate high performance culture that wins rave reviews from employees, customers and clients and exists only in your dreams — and theirs!

Expected Outcome: Audiences will leave with the strategies and proven principles that accelerate continuous improvement and unlock the secrets of customer loyalty and profitability.

LEADER OF THE PACK: Creating a service culture that leaves the competition in the dust

Target Audience: Senior Management, Managers, Full Organization

Everyone is talking about the importance of customer service, but why are so few companies doing it well. This presentation talks about the key elements needed internally to create and nurture a customer-focused culture and how these tools translate into a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Expected Outcome: Audiences will leave with the strategies and tools to inspire and motivate their teams to make the customer their focus.

DELIVERING EPIC SERVICE: Set yourself apart in a cutthroat business environment where consumer loyalty has gone out the window

Target Audience: Front line service providers, Call-centres, Retail

75% of your customers would gladly do business with the competition — because companies today have not created the emotional connections that create customer loyalty and advocacy. This presentation shares the principles that drive customer-focus throughout the organization and deliver a customer experience that exceeds expectations.

Expected Outcome: Audiences will leave with the strategies and desire to make customer-focus behaviours part of their everyday activities.

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My colleagues across Canada felt that these events were the most engaging sessions they have ever taken part in.

Kurtis Graham, Retail Engagement, RBH Inc.