Leaders can’t change people,
only people can decide to change

People are inherently resistant to change -- even positive change that is good for them. It is inevitably easier to stay safe, maintain the status quo and slip back into the comfort of old habits, rather than make the tough decisions needed to create change and drive increased passion, productivity and profits.

Change is driven by passion and purpose

Transformational leaders understand that it is essential to frame change in a way that taps into peoples’ emotions and aligns with their purpose -- so change is viewed as an opportunity as opposed to a threat -- and people are willing to endure the pain of change. Framing change correctly is the difference between breakthrough success and enduring failure. Leaders that can motivate their team to buy-in and create real sustainable change in their organization will foster an engaged, higher performing environment with the capacity to achieve strategic objectives year over year.

If you are ready for a profound shift in your team's mindset,
Bill is the "just do it" guy who has walked in your shoes

5153Bill is recognized as the Performance Excelerator because of his uncanny ability to provoke change, transform organizations -- and measurably improve bottom line results.

Senior leaders hire Bill to ignite a change in mindset and inspire people to take action. Sometimes provocative, but always stimulating, Bill uses humour and real life experiences to demonstrate the strategies and tactics that create change, incite passion and ultimately create long-term, profitable relationships with customers and excelerate performance, productivity and profits with leaders and employees.

Bill is passionate about results and is inspired by clients who share that passion -- and ready to make immediate, positive, profitable changes.

By drawing on over 30 years of real-life experience working as a trusted adviser, consultant, speaker and workshop leader to national and international clients -- as well as governments -- his message is inherently credible and incorporates practical applications that change attitudes and behaviours.

Bill understands the principles that drive organizational change, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty – that grow sales and increase profits. He communicates these principles with clarity and understanding.

Whether with boards or operations teams and employees, his no-excuse approach breaks down the barriers and gains consensus and clarity across the organization -- which results in behaviour change and ultimately drives transformation and extraordinary results with the most demanding organizations

When Bill speaks, people listen; minds open, attitudes change – and things get done.