Are you serious about creating change that improves productivity and profits in your organization? REALLY serious?

Contrary to conventional wisdom, leaders can’t change people — people change only when they decide to change.

As a leader, it’s your job to stimulate the thinking and stir the emotions that cause them to make that decision. That’s the only way to create change in an organization, and the only way to make it stick.

The Drivers of Change

Transformational leaders understand the need to frame change in a way that taps into people’s emotions and aligns with their purpose, so they see it as an opportunity instead of a threat. That is what makes people willing to endure the pain of change.

The Change Equation

Change in Passion and Purpose + Change in Processes = Change in RESULTS

If you are ready for the profound shift in your team’s mindset that is necessary to bring about real change, you need Bill Hogg — the “just do it” guy who has walked in your shoes.

Known as the Performance Excelerator™ Bill provokes the change that transforms organizations and measurably improves bottom line results.

Results — that’s what Bill cares about.

5153Senior leaders hire him to create a change in mindset and inspire people to take action, which he does through his unique humour and real-life experiences. His programs demonstrate the strategies and tactics that incite passion and ultimately create long-term profitable relationships with customers, excelerating performance, productivity and profits.

Bill is inspired by clients who share his passion for results and are ready to make immediate, positive, profitable changes.

Whether he is working with boards or operations teams and employees, his no-excuse approach breaks down the barriers and gains consensus and clarity across the organization — resulting in behaviour change that ultimately drives transformation and extraordinary results, even in the most demanding organizations

Bill takes no prisoners, and his clients love him for it!